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Fundraising and Charity

Choosing the right DJ for your fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser can be a real challenge. Most importantly, you are trying to raise money, not lose it. The best way to go is to hire a DJ, and not just any DJ. You need to choose a DJ who knows how to raise money at fundraisers and will work with you. DJ Fern of Carrera Entertainment is the creative, experienced and reliable DJ to surpass your goal with any kind of fundraiser in Prescott and the Quad Cities.

When you host a fundraiser, you must consider the budget and the goal of your event. While it is important to be conscious of your budget, if you sacrifice the quality of your entertainment, you may not reach your goal. DJ Fern is committed to working with you to make sure that your event raises funds that will exceed your expectations. He will be at your service at a price that you can afford!

DJ Fern will be very involved in your fundraiser and will participate in getting guests engaged. Do you want your fundraising DJ to be a great emcee? Then DJ Fern is the right choice. Do you want him to host auctions and get the best prices possible? DJ Fern will take the time to consult with you and go over exactly what you want from your fundraiser. He will take the time to understand your cause enough to stimulate the sentiments of your guests so that they will want to give!

The profits of a fundraiser can come from ticket sales, concessions, contests, games, auctions, and many other sources. To make sure your event is well attended, publicity is important. Publicize the event well in advance. DJ Fern can help you to plan and can offer ideas.



When the event time arrives, DJ Fern will provide the very kind of atmosphere that you desire and that is best for your specific fundraising event. Maybe you want more party music than ambiance? Or, is it the other way around? Whatever type of atmosphere is required, DJ Fern will be committed to you and your cause to ensure a successful fundraiser!

Yes, hosting a fundraiser can be a real challenge, but DJ Fern is ready to meet that challenge. For your DJ, choose DJ Fern of Carrera Entertainment and surpass your goal at any kind of fundraiser.