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Every couple should have a wedding venue that suits their style and tells their story. Whether you choose a candlelit aisle with your favorite rose petals strewn around or an outdoor wedding in a beautiful scenic area, DJ Fern of Carrera Entertainment is the icing on your cake for any wedding you choose in the Prescott and Quad Cities area.

DJ Fern is the professional, creative, and reliable DJ to handle it all. He will work with you to provide your unique wedding ceremony music including memorable processional and recessional music themes. DJ Fern can provide the special music you choose, and even employ wireless microphones for exchanging vows.



At the reception that follows

DJ Fern knows how to get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor! From the first dance to the last song, DJ Fern will set the mood for your celebration. The secret to a successful event is discerning the emotions and desires of the guests. DJ Fern is experienced in motivating people to interact. His professional experience has given him the skill to handle all aspects of wedding receptions, from song requests to the timing of announcements. DJ Fern is especially intuitive in choosing specific tempos and styles to suit the crowd’s mood. He is also a master of creating special lighting effects to add to the excitement of the memorable occasion.

DJ Fern will take the time to work with you to create the perfect reception for you. Premium sound equipment and software are combined with a personalized process for song selection. This can be used to create a playlist in advance which is stylized to meet your desires. DJ Fern will also discuss with you the most requested songs, and the best first dance choices, and consult with you about lyrics for creating meaningful and memorable song collections. Subtle details will not be overlooked, such as how lighting and volume, style, and tempo also contribute to the ideal mood of the reception. Your wedding and reception should suit your style and tell your story. DJ Fern of Carrera Entertainment is ready to enhance your love story no matter what kind of wedding you choose.